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Day One

Session & Topic


Welcome  & Introduction

Trainer introduction and ice breaker.


Setting The Platform – Understanding organisation Values

Activity: Icon Challenge


  • To share and discuss what it takes to be a great team
  • What can they do to be a great team
  • How would the company goals and values guide them to perform as a team?

Participants will be instructed to create a picture frame of the organisation values.  They will be given resources such as papers, magazines and other stationery items where they cut, paste, draw and write about what the values mean to them and how do they make it happen.
Each team will then present their ideas and theses ideas and answers will be use as reference for the three days’ activities.

Great Team – Challenging Self and others

Activity: River Rafting


  • Asking themselves how will they react at work when faced with difficult challenges
  • What can they do to help team members over come fear and face challenges ahead
  • How they put forward team goal that should be given higher priority over any individual objective

Experiential activity

Participants will go through a rafting experience where there will be struggles and they need to support one another.  Participants will be put in groups of five/six and they will be assigned a guide who will conduct safety briefing before start of activity.  Each team member needs to understand the significance and importance of working in tandem as one team.  Each team will be responsible in manning their raft through rapids and white waters safely, ensuring the safety of their own team members.   To accomplished the task of rafting with the team being more focused and bonded as one.

Great Team – Great Ideas

Activity: Flight Of Fancy


  • To be able to contribute ideas and share
  • To think out of the box and commit to ideas
  • To work with limited resources yet be able to produce great results

Experiential Activity.

Participants will be divided into teams and each team is required to design and built a structure that will allow a marble to go through it and stop at a designated point.
This activity looks at sharing of an innovative problem solving technique.  Given the limited resources, the teams are challenged to come up with a structure that can ensure the accuracy of the marble’s projection and at the same time ensuring the marble stops at a designated point.

Day Two

Session & Topic


Welcome and Review

To reinforce and clarify key points covered in Day One.

To recap what was covered in Day One.

Great Team – Generating team coordination

Activity: Acid River


  • To put the team members to a test on how well they work as a team
  • To reinforce the need to be supportive and sensitive to one another
  • To challenge the teams to work through constructive sharing on how to resolve the problem in this challenge

Experiential Activity

Participants will work as one to complete a critical task, moving the whole group from one point to another through a river of acid (obstacles).  They are required to work in harmony, supporting one another through difficult terrain.  This can be done by harnessing and to understand each other’s role effectively so as to utilise the different strength of team members.

Creating Trust and Earning Trust

Activity: Hand in Hand Challenge


  • To be able to trust others when facing workplace challenges
  • To understand the end result of a good team is to have Win-Win
  • To have Win-Win, the team members need to show commitment, respect and support to one another.
  • To be able to be reassuring and earning the trust of  others.

Experiential Activity

Participants are required to individually fall off from a risen platform (about 8 feet) where the rest of the team members will support and break the fall (catch). They will have to depend on the support and trust of everyone involved ending with a win-win outcome. This is followed by discussion session on what they can do to support and build trust with one another.

Great Team – Team Behaviours (TEST Team Performance)

Activity: Chaos Challenge


  • To understand the need to produce quality products that meet Customers’ requirements and is achieved through working cohesively and beyond boundaries.
  • Understand how different behaviours can effect workplace performance results
  • To highlight behaviours (blame, justify, shame) that influence Silo thinking and how to remove them
  • To learn to take ownership an responsibility in handling workplace situation

Experiential Activity

Participants will be engage in this process based activity where they will be involved in producing a product for their customers.

Participants will be divided into six groups where all these groups represent departments of an organisation.  Each group will be required to complete a certain task to the production process and ultimately produce an end product that will be purchased by Customers.

All groups are dependent on one another to produce the end product.  The challenge is how to work cohesively to meet the customers needs and expectations.

Great Team – Managing change and showing support

Activity: The Spider Web


  • To recognise the significance of going through challenging workplace situations and the need to get support from others.
  • To learn how to help one another through the difficult and challenging situations.
  • Highlight the importance of trust, integrity and mutual respect when performing an assigned task.
  • To learn never to take things lightly especially when the consequences are too great.

Experiential Activity

Participants will work as one team to carry every team member safely from point A to point B.

Given stringent rules and regulations, the challenge is for members to complete the task with minimal penalties and that team members are brought over safely.

Great Team – Work Hard, Play Hard

Activity:“Dare To  Dream Night


  • How far are we willing to go to entertain and please our own internal partners?
  • To be able to have fun after a hard day’s work
  • To be able to see the lighter side of one another and the team
  • To show appreciation to one another at work


Participants will be tasked to organise a Variety Night titled “Dare To Dream”. They will be assigned different roles that make up the Variety Night.
They will start the performance after dinner.

Day Three

Session & Topic


Welcome and Review

To reinforce and clarify key points covered in Day One and Two

To recap what was covered in Day One and Two

Great Team –  Follow the Leader, guide the Followers

Activity: Fearsome Challenge


  • To learn to appreciate each others roles at work
  • To focus on leaders roles and followers roles
  • To focus on how they prepare and respond to change

Experiential Activity

Participants will be broken into teams and each team will select a leader. Then all team members in respective teams will be blindfolded.  Their respective leaders will give them instructions as they walk through a designated area.  This designated area is filled with obstacles.  The task of the leader is to guide their teams members safely through the area.

Great Team –  Can Do It

Blown Away Challenge:


  • To end with a united effort and focus
  • To remind all team members the need to independent, dependent and interdependent of one another as they move towards making things happen
  • To be resilient in overcoming failures and develop a Can Do thinking.

Activity: Experiential Activity

Participants will be divided into several teams and each team will be instructed to perform a specific task. After each task, the teams will slowly merge and ultimate as one Team. This last major activity is about getting all participants to coordinate and cooperate with each other to complete a critical task. The intent is to talk about  how teams will walk through thick and thin to help one another.

Closing and wrap up

To get participants to share one thing they learned from the programme.

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